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Water Jet Cutting For Smaller Businesses and Individuals

Water jet cutting is a wonderfully efficient and accurate form of cutting but there can be a fear that its use is largely limited to large industries.

The assumption can be that because the machines produce a jet of water than can cut through 10 inches of solid steel this is what they are used for continually, cutting parts for huge industries and shipping these parts around the globe.

We are here to tell you that this is not the reality.

As UK leading water jet cutters, yes we carry out our fair share of jobs for huge multinational firms, we cut parts that are used by major industries and on projects where accuracy is of critical importance.

However, and it’s a big however, our machines are also used to cut parts for individuals. They are used to help artists and sculptors create their visions. 

They are used for small, local businesses to get the parts they need at a fair price.

Ghost Tree by Anya Gallacio at Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

Ghost Tree by Anya Gallacio at Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

They are even used by hobby enthusiasts, both at home and abroad.

In truth, we are happy if our machines are in use, regardless of the size of the job. The huge jobs for recurring clients are, of course, of great importance but as water jet cutting enthusiasts there is joy to be had in seeing a wide variety of tasks undertaken by our machines.

They might not have been the jobs that had the biggest impact on the end of year balance sheets, but many of our most memorable jobs have been unexpected tasks and things that arrived out the blue. 

Often, these arrive with a message that begins ‘I’m not sure if water jet cutting is suitable for, but…’

Usually it is suitable and we are always happy to advise on the suitability of water jet cutting and give a guide to the price of any job.

We love the idea that we can open the inbox and find something truly out the ordinary. 

In recent times, this has included…

  • Cutting replacement keys for a vicar who needed access to parts of his church (these weren’t run of the mill keys you could cut at Timpsons).
  • Working on a public art exhibition in Switzerland, cutting some of the most beautiful tiles you are likely to see for a stunning mosaic
  • Producing an exhibit for the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, helping to turn Anya Gallacio’s Ghost Tree sculpture into reality. Indeed, this project was only possible within the available budget through water jet cutting
  • Cutting parts for the Victoria & Albert museum in London – go to this world famous tourist attraction and you will see some of our work…

If you have parts that need cutting, no matter what they are for, however big or small and whether it is a one off job or a recurring task, please do get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

We can help you out, but equally you will be doing us a favour, as water jet cutting enthusiasts we love having a varied selection of jobs, helping out both huge businesses and also individuals and those with more unusual demands. 

About TMC

At TMC Water Jet, we have machines that utilise the latest technology, creating water pressure of 87,000 PSI and also have XD cutting – that enhanced ability to cut in multiple directions and axes.

This has seen us work with everyone from leaders in the aviation industry and other industries where accuracy is of critical importance through to artists, small businesses and even a vicar who needed new keys for the Parish church.

As a family run business, we pride ourselves on giving the same level of great service no matter the size of job.

To discuss your bespoke requirements, please give us a call today on 01625 610 441 or use our Contact Form.