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Water Jet Cutting Gets Arty

Water Jet Cutting might be mainly used for cutting parts for machines and other practical jobs – however it is also a technology increasingly used by artists.

We thought it would be nice just to look at some of the extraordinary works talented artists have created using a water jet cutter.

At TMC, we cannot take the credit for these works, but as a leading water jet cutter we admire the work! We hope you enjoy them too.



I Am a Man – Tribute to Standing Bear

This artwork was cut by American company WCS, who were approached by a local artist in Lincoln, Nebraska, the piece then going on display in the Governor’s Mansion.

We love this example, it shows how technology can make it easier for artists to realise their ideas. The artist had drawn the piece, but cutting it out of glass using any other technology would have been laborious and expensive. Water Jet Cutting perhaps made this great art possible.


Brass Sheet Art Work

Another piece of work from America – AC Water Jet in this case – this simply shows the detail which is possible, cutting a beautiful pattern into some brass.

This would actually have been a straight forward job, one any water jet cutter could do easily. Using software, the pattern is simply entered and then the cutting heads do the rest. Water Jet cutting speeds up the process from design to reality.

Rise of Oudenarde

A bit more complex this one! This is an example of the public artwork from Rob Mullholland.

To quote from Rob’s site:

The sculpture was commissioned to create a distinct and recognisable landmark at the entrance to the new settlement at Oudenarde, Bridge of Earn in Perthshire, Scotland. The aim of the sculpture is to engender a ‘sense of place’ and  distinct identity for the new settlement.”

Rob regularly uses water jet cutting in making his artwork – his site is definitely worth a look.

Mosaic at Western Baths

Sat admiring his creation, this image shows Scottish artist Alasdair Gray, who along with Nichol Wheatley designed this mosaic to sit in the historic Victorian Western Baths in Glasgow.

We think you deserve that drink, Alasdair! You can read more on the project on the Glasgow West End site.


Public work of art

Our final example and it’s back across to America, New Jersey in this case. Advanced Cutting Services boast that they can take a design scribbled on a napkin and turn it into a work of art.

And while perhaps using artistic licence a little, that is at the heart of what good water jet cutters do. You have an idea, or a part, we make it a reality, At times that will be a highly technical part – we have cut parts for formula one cars for example. At other times, it might be more of an idea for a piece of artwork.

Are you an artist looking for new ways to create your work? Get in touch today for a friendly chat about all water jet cutting has to offer.