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Water Jet Cutting Growth Hit By Lack Of Skilled Operators?

The growth of water jet cutting could be hampered by a lack of skilled operators and experienced water jet cutting providers.

That is the verdict of a new detailed report into the state of the industry, looking ahead to the mid 2020s to forecast future trends in CNC Cutting and water jet usage.

The report by Persistence Market Research, with details published on the Globe Newswire site, predicts strong growth in the use of water jet cutting, but is one of the first to come with a large caveat.

In truth, many of the findings follow the path of earlier reports. Use of water jet cutting will grow, the United States and Europe will remain dominant markets but usage will surge in Asia.

As economies utilise water jet cutting more regularly they will become more competitive, the ability for the machines to be CNC operated allowing around-the-clock production of parts with perfect accuracy.

However, the lack of skilled operators will be an issue.

The report states: “A lack of trained professionals to operate waterjet cutting machines may indirectly result into safety hazards as well as low production output.

“Operators or technicians must be properly trained and should hold prior experience to facilitate effective operation of waterjet cutting machines.”

Water Jet Cutting Expertise

The underlying message is that water jet cutting offers competitive advantages but only if carried out through expert operators.

Water jet cutting allows parts to be cut more accurately with a fast turn around and reduced production costs. It is a technology trusted by industries as diverse as aviation through to art.

However, as the report highlights, it is a technology that requires expertise, the competitive advantages only exist when using a leading operator.

At TMC Waterjet, we are UK leading water jet cutters. We don’t have workshops that carry out all manner of processes, water jet cutting one among them, water jet cutting is all we do.

This dedication to the technology saw us become the UK’s first operator of XD Cutting technology, this a head that can cut in multiple dimensions and so make the most complex parts in one fluid motion.

We are a family run business near Macclesfield that has global clients.

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