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Water Jet Cutting – Helping to cut waste

Water jet cutting is known to cut metal, plastic, stone and pretty much any other material you care to name but there is one other thing it is amazing at cutting too.


By using water jet cutting, less of a resource is needlessly thrown away, this of huge benefit to the bottom line but also the environment. With resources limited, the ability to not simply discard what could otherwise have been used is a huge benefit.

The need to eliminate waste is obvious. It is estimated that a third of all food produced globally is wasted, a truly staggering statistic. Water jet cutting can – and increasingly does – play a big part in addressing this shameful stat.

Typically, when food is cut and portioned, much is wasted, whether this is fruit, vegetables, meat or fish. In creating those attractive fillets of fish, much is discarded.

However, combined with modern software, water jet cutting is capable of automatically cutting to minimise waste to the lowest possible levels. The cuts can be intricate, cleverly utilising every bit of the foodstuff being cut to make best use of all that is usable.

We have written previously on how this technology works equally well for salmon as it does asparagus – the example here being automatic detection of the optimal point to cut the stem.

The environmental credentials do not stop there.

Water jet cutting is also helping to generate power, being the go-to technology for cutting the complex parts for wind turbines. Offshore wind turbines have accounted for a growing proportion of global energy supply year-on-year and it is water jet cutting that is making the fast roll out of these wind farms practical.

Combined, this makes for a remarkable impact for the technology.

Though you may not realise it when you settle down to eat, you may well be dining on a meal whereby part of the food production has been undertaken by water jet cutting – thus reducing waste, while the energy needed to produce the meal might be from a green source enabled by water jet cutting.
In a world of growing population and ever-reduced resources, the need to minimise waste is obvious. Water jet cutting is a technology leading the way.


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