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Water Jet Cutting In Slow Motion

Water jet cutting utilises incredibly technology to take something as simple as a jet of water and turn it into form of cutting preferred by industry. 

We do, however, appreciate that it might not be the technology that garners the most interest on social media; videos of water jet cutting rarely go viral.

What is needed is the combination of water jet cutting and another technology, this then showcases its true awesomeness.

We’ve scoured YouTube to find a few of the best examples of water jet cutting captured at incredible frame rates, for instance 1,000 frames per second.

Be warned though, the videos have a certain mesmeric quality. You may find the next 10 minutes will be spent doing nothing but watching videos of water jet cutting. You have been warned…

Compilation of Slow Mo Water Jet Cutting Clips

If you watch one video of water jet cutting in slow motion, then this is probably the one as it includes a number of items going under the jet.

Admittedly, the video also includes a few other slow motion shots, we’re guessing the Waterjet Channel had a new toy and wanted to play with it…

However, it’s two and a half minutes that help to showcase the power and accuracy of an industrial water jet.


Stainless Steel Cut in Slow Motion

This video may lack some of the editing prowess of the previous clip, but it does a good job of showing the point of impact of a cut.

The cut itself is very standard, but the interest in the video lies in seeing the swell of the water in the collection tray below, an instantaneous wave appearing and then disappearing just as quickly.



Water Jet Cutting A Tile In Slow Motion

Slow motion videos usually showcase dramas, a fleeting moment of action that the eye cannot capture.

This video is different, it actually captures how a water jet makes serene progress.

The tile being cut does not create rising jets of water, there is no dust flying off, no sense of disruption.

This video really just shows that water jet cutting is accelerated erosion; filmed at any speed the process appears far smoother than would be the case with any other cutting technology.


Water Jet Cutting vs Food

Water jets are used heavily in the food industry – they offer repeatable, sterile cutting that is highly accurate (in a recent post we wrote about how water jet cutting had led to efficiencies in asparagus production).

If you work in the asparagus, or food production industry we would recommend having a read. For everyone else, this video might appeal a little more. Eggs and tomatoes exploding as they meet the unstoppable force of a water jet…


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