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Water Jet Cutting in Ukraine

As the appalling Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, we were minded to go off on a tangent and delve into water jet cutting in the country.

From a very human perspective, we wondered about people just like us, who work in the same industry and now find themselves in the midst of a conflict.

Hopefully, in time, water jet cutting can play a small part in helping to rebuild the country, creating the parts for machines and equipment that will be vital in the reconstruction.

What we found in searching for water jet cutting Ukraine was that the country was already embracing this technology. In fact, we found one site that was the equal of anything we have seen, with superb examples of work, in-depth information and even the ability to quickly gauge accurate quotes online.

In fact, the site at ukrtehnika.com is a great resource for anyone who simply wants to learn about water jet cutting. It has information on what water jet cutting can be used for, both with abrasive and as pure water cutting.

Examples of their work include metalwork for machinery, gears for instance, but there is also artwork, including this sculpture.

Their cost calculator is, quite frankly, brilliant – and has given us an idea for this site! You can select from a wide range of materials, then the thickness of the material and then finally the quality of the cut.

This will then tell you how long the cut will take – machine usage this is – and a cost is calculated. It is all wholly transparent, as transparent as the water jet itself, you might say.

They are a wonderful example of how Ukraine has emerged as a modern, progressive European nation with visions of development and innovation.

Hopefully, they will return to the normality of being able to focus on these aims again soon.