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Water Jet Cutting for Intricate Jobs

Water Jet cutting is renowned for both its speed and being able to cut through materials to a far greater depth than other technologies.

However, it can also do some incredibly intricate cuts too, and cuts where there is no damage to the material due to the lack of heat abrasion.

Without reverting to hundreds of words, here are some examples of beautiful intricate water jet cutting jobs, both from the UK and abroad.

Stunning artwork

This image is from Art Glass Solutions, based in Singapore, it is a stunning example of how water jet cutting is increasingly being used for the creative as well as the functional (a topic we have written about previously)


beautiful artwork

Artwork, cut with incredible precision

This is an incredible example of water jet cutting capability. And again, it’s beautiful- while water jet cutting is used by formula 1 teams, Boeing and other huge industries, it is used just as much for logos, cut glass and marble floors.

This example is from justcutit.com.

cut glass fox

Starbucks logo

This logo is from a Starbucks branch in the US. With every other high street shop now a cafe, making coffee is a competitive business. It’s interesting that one of the biggest in this field chooses a logo made by a water jet for their front of store.

This image is from Milkowaterjet.com

Starbucks logo

Machine parts

Machine parts is a bit of a generalised term of course, but it does sum up this selection.

Some of the more complex parts may well have used XD – or three-dimensional cutting. That’s a relatively new water jet cutting technology which utilises a head that can tilt on both the x and y axis, meanin complex cuts can be made in one fluid process. Previously, whether using a water jet or laser, complex cuts required a second cut, adding time, expense and the risk of imprecisions creeping in.

This image is from Sunnforest.com, a second company in this list based in Singapore.


Want practical and creative in one?

This image shows water cut gears used as part of a rather unusual outfit. On this blog, we found the great example below.

As the blog points out, gears used to be a hard part to cut, being both expensive and time consuming. But for a water jet cutter,a gear is as simple as any other part (though the dress probably took a while to put together!)


Whatever your water jet cutting, whether it’s creative or practical and however intricate, please get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke needs.

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