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Water Jet Cutting – Making The Impossible Possible

In this post, we want to focus on a very special type of water jet cutting project – the water jet cutting projects that would have been impossible, or would have been very unlikely to be completed but for water jet cutting.

These projects may not be the normal, but that makes them all the more memorable.

Usually, water jet cutting is chosen because it is the best option, not because it is the only option.

Water jet cutting is used in the production of planes and cars and creating parts for large projects and major industries. Clearly, planes and cars were built before water jet cutting became a common form of cutting technology.

The projects that would have been impossible but for water jet cutting are often smaller projects; they are projects where there is a high degree of ambition, but also costs have to be carefully controlled.

They are bespoke projects.

Every major water jet cutter will have worked on many jobs of this kind, at TMC Water Jet, the UK’s leading water jet cutters, we have plenty in our collective memory banks.

One project that is a superb example of something that just wouldn’t exist but for water jet cutting is Anya Gallacio’s Ghost Tree at Manchester’s wonderful Whitworth Art Gallery.

Branching Out

The Ghost Tree is a stunning metal art exhibit, it stands proudly outside the Gallery, representing where a real tree once stood.

Ghost Tree by Anya Gallacio at Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

Ghost Tree by Anya Gallacio at Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

The work was outside the norm both for us and the artist – Anya more associated with making transitory pieces of art, including coating the walls of a gallery with chocolate.

We wouldn’t be much use for that project, but we can cut an excellent steel tree.

We were approached on behalf of the gallery to assess the feasibility and quote, the feasibility wasn’t a concern as our cutting technology allows us to cut complex 3-dimensional parts in virtually any material.

Anya admitted in an interview to the BBC that she doubted the project would become reality and was shocked to discover the gallery had the ability to fund it.

Water jet cutting was crucial, our ability to cut parts this complex and yet come in within a tight budget.

While this project was unique, the requirements in some ways perhaps weren’t.

To cut with complete accuracy, but also be cost effective.

On The Right Track

For a second project to feature, we could mention the model railway enthusiast we were able to help, or the via who needed new keys cutting for the parish church – these weren’t your typical keys that a branch of Timpsons could cut.

We could mention the bespoke signage for businesses, or the tiles cut for an art exhibition in Switzerland – and that reminds us of the grating we cut for the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Instead though we will mention a project that will appeal to film fans – working with a huge fan of the Star Wars series who has a business making replica Star Wars helmets.

Unsurprisingly, when we blogged on this topic before, we used the pun ‘may the force be with you’. It was too good to miss.

Our client, based in Portugal, wanted complete accuracy, after all clients paying for a replica, miniature helmet want it to be truly representative. Keen film fans don’t tend to appreciate a lack of attention to detail when they are buying items based on their favourite franchise.

Our client was so delighted with the end products, he commented that they were better than other technologies could create, and indeed better than other water jet cutters he had previously used.

Even within water jet cutting, there are degrees of accuracy, and our investment in the very leading, 3d cutting technology helps us to stand apart.

Naturally, we were delighted with the feedback – you don’t want to annoy a client who has access to lightsabres.

As with the Ghost Tree, this is a project that is in some ways very unusual, in other ways entirely normal.

Clients want parts that are cut with complete accuracy, the parts to be free of abrasions or structural imperfections and for the technology to deliver both on price and also speed of completion.

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Despite our success, we remain a company that focusses on every client and work on projects of all sizes.

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