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Water Jet Cutting News Round-Up

As one of the UK’s leading exponents of water jet cutting, we like to stay abreast of what is happening in the industry – is water jet cutting being used more, what are the trends around the world, which industries are increasingly turning to water jet cutting to get the parts they need?

As part of this, we occasionally carry out a bit of a trawl through sites to look for recent articles on the topic. Here’s a round up of what we’ve found in the last couple of months.


Splitting A Car in 15 Seconds

At TMC Waterjet, we have used our machines to cut a huge range of parts and on a wide range of projects, but we have to admit we haven’t yet used them to see how quickly we can cut a car in half. 

Maybe it could be a punishment for being late to work – turn up late, have car cut in half to make a fun video.

In Germany, however, a machine has been used for just this purpose, effortlessly cutting through a car in 15 seconds. 

Knowing how quickly a water jet can split a car might seem to be of little value, but it does demonstrate the sheer power of water jet cutting. The high pressure jet can cut through up to 25cm of virtually any substance like the cliched knife going through butter.

To read a bit more about the car being split in half, head to Muller Opladen’s site.


Continual Growth

We have stated before that water jet cutting is experiencing healthy growth in terms of its use around the globe and recent reports only further emphasis this point.

The trends are clear – water jet cutting is being used by ever more industries, however the largest growth is being seen in raw US and parts of Asia. As such, there is perhaps a danger that UK and the rest of Europe could become less competitive in some industries if global rivals increasingly switch to more economical forms of production.

For an overview of one of the most recent reports, head this way.


A lasting legacy

We were touched to see that in the US, water jet cutting was used to create a beautiful lasting legacy for HCSO Deputy Dhaliwal.




VR Water Jet

Virtual Reality has yet to fully catch on, but that hasn’t stopped one innovative company from creating a VR water jet cutting experience.

Don’t worry, this isn’t some sort of horror that places you as an item to be cut, instead it’s a chance to see a large scale water jet cutting machine in operation – or at least a VR version in action.

To be honest, we’re not sure if there is huge demand for steering water jet cutting machines in VR format, but, if you’re interested, all you need to do is pop over to Chicago…


Water Jet Cutting hits the track

Another one from the US, with a water jet branded and named – and of course largely created – car hitting the NASCAR circuit.Nascar car sponsored by water jet cutting

As reported in The Fabricator, the No. 19 Flow WaterJet Toyota Supra made its on track debut earlier in October. It is, as we’re sure you’ll agree, a thing of beauty.

Motor sport is an excellent example of a sport that is making heavy use of water jet cutting, relying on a technology that cuts parts quickly, accurately but is also highly cost effective.


About TMC

At TMC Water Jet, we have machines that utilise the latest technology, creating water pressure of 87,000 PSI and also have XD cutting – that enhanced ability to cut in multiple directions and axes.

This has seen us work with everyone from leaders in the aviation industry and other industries where accuracy is of critical importance through to artists, small businesses and even a vicar who needed new keys for the Parish church.

As a family run business, we pride ourselves on giving the same level of great service no matter the size of job.

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