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Water Jet Cutting News Round-Up

Wondering what the latest developments are in the world of Water Jet Cutting?

Here we round up some of the latest news stories relating to the industry.

Water Jet Cutting being used on more shop floors

An intriguing report on the Advanced Manufacturing website suggests that water jet cutting is being used far more on shop and factory floors, often replacing machine tools.

The report suggests that the key driver is improved software, software which makes it easier for relatively inexperienced users to programme the cutting and achieve the desired result.

With water jet cutting being able to cut to thicker depths, and of course having the advantage of not causing defects through heating the cut edge; has the ease of using software been all that has held it back from even greater usage?

You can read the article here.

Water Jet Cutting on show at the Dubai International Boat Show

The Dubai International Boat Show – that sounds like an event we’d like to be at. It’s not going to be done on the cheap, is it?

Of course, our interest would be wholly professional, as water jet cutting is playing a prominent part.water cutting news

An article on Travel Daily News states that the show will feature innovation made possible by our favoured technology.

One of the event’s organisers Karim El-Gandy said: Water jet technology has created a new generation of water sports, and hydro sports activities such as Flyboard, Jetpack, Hoverboard and Jetovator give enthusiasts the ultimate experience in learning to fly.”

If you want to know more about water jet cutting’s role at the boat show, follow this link.

A desktop water jet cutter

A few months ago, we wrote about a water jet cutting machine you could put in your workshop or garage.

It seems, that wasn’t small enough because now there is a desktop water jet cutter.

The WAZER is able to cut through materials, potentially meaning any business could cut complex parts and designs in house.

There are questions to be answered of course – how easy is the machine to use, given water jet cutting requires specialist knowledge will it be realistic for many companies to buy a machine,and then learn how to use it to cut high quality parts?

A further concern must be that a desktop cutter of course cannot match the accuracy and depth of cut of a larger scale machine. If it can only be used for more basic cuts, does it end up being a poor imitation?

However, credit where it is due – the project received more than $1 million in kick starter backing and has been covered by numerous US tech publications.

Water Jet Cutting used in food production

An innovative company found a solution to slicing large quantities of carrots for orders – using water jet cutting to ensure a perfect, consistent cut, while also ensuring the highest hygiene standards were met.

You can read more on this topic here.

Seen any other news?

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