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Water Jet Cutting – Powerful and Addictive

Water is the most powerful weapon.

These are not our words, they accompany a video that has gone viral, not just by the standards of videos about water jet cutting, but by any standards.

We agree on the power of water, but would rather focus on it as a cutting force rather than as a weapon.

However, the video does just this – really it is a focus on water jet cutting.

The video is a YouTube short, so it is under a minute in length, yet within that it packs in information and some wonderful imagery.

As the video says, water can become the sharpest of blades. It can cut bulletproof glass, metal and even fruit. Well, fruit doesn’t sound quite so impressive, but they include it anyway. That said, seeing a watermelon cut is entertaining.

The short adds that water jet cutting can cut through diamond, which is true with enough force though not a job water jet cutting regularly undertakes.

As remarkable as the 17 million views are the 3 million likes and also 60,000 comments. How much is there to say about a minute-long video showing things being cut?

Well, maybe quite a lot. Maybe water jet cutting isn’t just efficient, powerful and reliable, it is also addictive and the creator of social content.

Who knew!

Watch the video below.