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Water Jet Cutting Set For Key Role in Medicine?

Here at TMC Water Jet we are at the forefront of water jet cutting technology.

We are constantly learning and investing in the future of water jet cutting.

We were the first to introduce XD 3D water jet cutting in the UK and have worked on projects as diverse as creating Formula 1 parts to intricate tile art for high-end retailers.

We’ve explored the possibilities of water jet cutting in engineering, design and art and are always interested to see what possibilities lie ahead.

So we were particularly intrigued to learn that not only is water jet cutting revolutionising art and science but it might be about to revolutionise another field too.

What are the benefits of water jet cutting? Well it’s precise, intricate, cost and time efficient, can be used in 3D and has no thermal or structural impact on the material being cut.

It can cut through almost any material. So it makes sense that a technology so reliable and exact would be used in a field that requires just that – medicine.

So what exactly will water jet cutting be used for?

Surgery. To be precise, bone cutting.

Water jet cutting could be used in such an incredible way to change lives

Sound a bit grim? Well not when you learn than studies into the possibility of using water jet cutting in prosthetics have shown that it might be the ideal method for removing, creating and replacing prosthetics in orthopaedic surgery and socket generation for endoprostheses.

Think about it – this precise and efficient technology could transform a science that itself transforms people’s lives.

With water jet technology, prosthetics can be cut so precisely that they give the recipient the exact match they need to lead a full and fulfilling life uninhibited by pain and immobility. Scientific studies have shown that water jet cutting could “eliminate” negative aspects of currently used methods in orthopaedic surgery. Pretty cool right?

We think it’s amazing that water jet cutting could be used in such an incredible way to change lives and make the whole process of prosthetics more efficient, cost effective – and accessible.

Research shows that introducing water jet technology to orthopaedic surgery could not only produce better prosthetics but as a result reduce patients’ time in hospital, reduce costs, increasing quality, decrease the need for patients’ exposure to anaesthesia, replace the need for complex equipment for the mechanical extraction of prosthesis, and minimise patients’ X-ray exposure after prostheses reimplantation.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on how these studies develop, but one thing’s clear, the limits for water jet cutting are endless!