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Water Jet Cutting – Six Unusual Jobs

There are very few materials which can’t be cut accurately and efficiently through water jet cutting.

At TMC, we have decades of experience – if it can be cut, we can cut it.

Here are six unusual items we have cut – we can do the more ordinary too though.

1) Formula 1 parts.

Watch the Grand Prix and you can see water jet cutting in action.


Ahead of the 2014 season, Force India got in touch with detailed specifications of the Rake Frame, a highly detailed part mounted to the side of the car which houses key sensors.


Whereas previously, the part would have been cut by a milling machine, water jet cutting meant it could be cut more quickly and less expensively.

2) Key blanks for a church door

Recently, we were contacted by a local church in need of a new set of key blanks – and when the man upstairs calls, we do our best to deliver!
The church were delighted, telling us “Many thanks for your expertise, it would have been almost impossible for me to cut the blanks as accurately as your machine has done.”

 3) Working with a lingerie company

Premium lingerie and water jet cutting might not be things you naturally associate with one another.

But when Theo Paphitis wanted a dramatic entrance for his Boux Avenue shops it was water jet cutting which was able to deliver. The job was to cut the logo into luxury porcelain tiles, a tough job for any cutting technology.

First, a file of the logo was created for our cutting machine to precisely follow, then, just to make it that bit more complex, a separate cut of the X was required, in pink, to act as an infill in the logo. Water jet cutting produced a stunning finished cut within a timeframe and budget other technologies simply could not have produced.

4) 3-d parts

TMC were the first subcontractor in the UK to introduce XD water jet cutting. What is XD cutting? It means there is a cutting head which can tilt automatically sideways and forwards and so even the most complex parts can be cut in one go. In the past, complex 3D shapes would have required additional, expensive secondary cutting

5) Elliptical flats for telescopes

Speaking of XD cutting, one example of it in use has been in working with Orion Optics. We have worked with Orion for a number of years, but producing parts for Newtonian Telescopes was a new challenge.

These telescopes have an elliptical 45 degree mirror, a part which in the past would have been difficult, expensive and tiome consuming to cut. XD cutting makes it a far simpler, cheaper undertaking.

See more on the cutting of these mirrors in this video.

6) A reproduction of an 1867 locomotive!

A group of railway enthusiasts and engineers have worked to produce a replica of 1867 narrow gauge engine Nipper. The one difference is that, whereas cutting each original part might have taken weeks, now it is a matter of minutes with water jet cutting, and there is also none of the heat damage associated with other methods.

The recreation of Nipper is a superb example of old fashioned engineering excellence meeting modern technology.

– Whether it is the unusual, the new or the more mundane, give us a call at TMC. We can cut it for you quickly, efficiently and at a cost which puts other cutting technologies to shame.