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Water Jet Cutting Used To Make Stunning Memorial For Covid Victims

Water jet cutting is a technology that can have many uses, it is used by almost every industry, and yet sometimes its use creates something that has a greater meaning.

Water jet cutting can make ambitious, but important artistic projects become a reality. We were reminded of this when we happened across how the technology we love is being used in the West Midlands.

While not our project, we salute the application. Water jet cutting is being used to create a stunning, permanent tribute to those in the region who have lost their lives during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The monument will sit in Dudley, and be in the form of a rainbow, a sign for hope during the pandemic. Fittingly, it is set to be housed outside Russells Hall Hospital, honouring the role NHS workers, health officials, volunteers and so many more who played roles in helping communities continue.

Work has been undertaken in distinct parts, and water jet cutting has been integral. While laser cutting was used to cut some of the more straightforward elements, it was water jet cutting that was used for the all-important coloured glass elements, the central theme of the rainbow. Other technologies would create heat damage and potentially damage the part being cut, water jet cutting instead ensures that the artist’s vision becomes a stunning reality.

Commenting on the work, councillor Keiran Casey, who has been central to the plans, said: “It’s fantastic to see all the components coming together to make this a reality.

“We are making really good progress and are hoping to get this over to the fabricators to all be put together as quickly as possible.”

The hope is the monument will be finished in months to come and then live on as a sign of both resilience and hope.

In terms of water jet cutting in general, this is another example of how this technology also enables creative projects to be made into reality. Few organisations have funds to spare, and so the fact water jet cutting is highly cost-efficient is certainly attractive – indeed, we have worked on projects such as Anya Gallacio’s Ghost Tree whereby it is unlikely the sculpture would have been made but for water jet cutting – the costs of alternatives prohibitive.

It is wonderful to be able to walk around public spaces or exhibitions and see ambitious works of art that have been made possible thanks to our technology. We will certainly be taking a trip to Dudley to see the inspiring rainbow monument.


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