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Water Jet Cutting – We Have Seen It All Now

Is it possible to see everything there is to see with regards to water jet cutting?

There will always be new uses for the technology to be found, new items to cut. In recent years, water jet cutting has been used ever more for electronics, utilised by talented artists and moved into food production.

It is the most accurate form of cutting, the best for the environmment and has power that puts others to shame too.

However, recently on YouTube we did see a video that made us pause.

Wow. We really have seen it all now, the most common comment.

A waterjet cutting song has been made. It is an autotuned boyband type thing, think Westlife only much worse still and without a big key change and getting up from stools.

Even if we had more time, even if we weren’t busy cutting we would not contemplate making a song about our work. Some of the channels where they cut random objects – they might look fun, but embracing our inner Gary Barlow or Robbie Williams? No thanks.

Still, if you want to see the video just hit play below. It was on about 30 views when we looked – will it go viral? We suspect not.

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