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Water Jet News Round-Up

What’s happening in the world of water jet cutting? Here we round up latest news articles on our great industry.


Continued growth – globally

Good news for us at TMC as one of the UK’s leading water jet cutters – and indeed water jet cutters everywhere – is that a new report indicates that global demand is only going to continue to grow.

The report, by Persistence Market PR, made forecasts for the period up to 2024, based on current industry analytics and also good old fashioned interviews with experts in Europe, America and Asia.water cutting news

And while every continent predicts further growth, water jet cutting increasingly becoming the cutting technology of choice for all industries, the actual make up of the growth varied by territory.

For example, in Asia, growth in medical applications was seen as a key growth area, while in Europe, water jet cutting’s increased move into the aviation industry was thought to be a more prominent trend.

Perhaps the main takeway is that water jet cutting’s versatility means that growth can be predicted across multiple types of jobs – and perhaps the next seven years will see water jets used to cut items not even considered currently.

You can read more here.


Robotic Water Jets

Sounds exciting. In another report, this time only looking ahead to 2020, the focus was again on growth within the industry.

And while predicting growth figures of around 7%, the bigger revelation was in forecasting this growth would be based on robotic technology and increased automation.

This automation is not just in the cutting head, but also in the constant monitoring, advanced systems to pick up on any tiny issues before they compromise the cut. The automation leads to instant troubleshooting and diagnostics.

As water jet cutting becomes more advanced in terms of the complexity of cuts – cutting heads that can cut through multiple axis and so cut complex parts in one fluid motion, rather than requiring cutting in stages, the need for this diagnostic oversight is going to increase.

At TMC Waterjet, we were among the first cutters in the UK to offer this cutting of complex cuts in 3-D and we use the latest technology. However, we are as fascinated as anyone to see how it develops, how the combination of automation but also experienced technicians can refine the process further still.

For more on the report visit the Fabricator.com site.


Other news

There is both good and bads news. Good news for the industry – more reports predicting growth and market share; the bad news being that listing endless reports here saying largely the same thing isn’t going to be of great interest to anyone.

Unless every expert is wrong, water jet cutting has a great future. Technological advances will make jets even more powerful and make cutting ever more complex parts ever quicker and simpler a process.

This will inevitably lead to more huge industries turning to water jet cutting; yet this should not be at the expense of other clients. At TMC Waterjet we work with customers ranging from sole traders to multinational companies.

To discuss your job, whether it’s cutting a two dimensional piece of plastic, parts for a plane engine, or something inbetween, please give us a call today on 01625 610 441.