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Water Jets Helping The British Army Be A Cut Above

The next generation of tank for the British Army, the Challenger 3 is expected to be in service until at least 2040.

Production of the tank is creating hundreds of jobs. the tank will be, according to the British Army, ‘the most lethal in Europe’.

It is also a tank where water jet cutting is key to production.

Indeed, production began with water jet cutting as the first pieces of steel cut for the turret structure were delivered using this technology.

The tank has levels of technology previously unseen, so it is telling that to create this modern take water jet cutting has been used. it is a technology that cuts more accurately, creates no damage and is cost effective.

Of the tank itself, to quote the British Army site, it will…

“be the first British Army platform to receive the best active protection system (APS) allowing it to recognise incoming threats and neutralise them. The tank will undergo full electromagnetic testing to ensure it is survivable in the most demanding of sensor-saturated battlefields.

“The world-leading new modular armour has been developed through advances in armour technology provided by the in-house Chief Scientific Advisor (CSA) funded armour expertise held within Dstl. This Dstl owned Intellectual Property (IP) has generated significant interest and is being exploited through the close links Dstl has with MOD and Industry.

“Challenger 3 will lead NATO armoured forces with the highest levels of lethality and survivability on the battlefields of today and out to 2040. It achieves this not only by using the new gun, but also by making use of the most advanced ammunition available globally from our allies.

“The new suite of sights gives the tank commander an independent day/night all-weather hunter killer capability, with automatic target detection and acquisition allowing them to acquire and engage targets quicker than potential adversaries.”

A recent blog looked at water jet cutting used in the food sector, today’s focusses on weaponry. What is clear is that water jet cutting is suitable for all cutting processes, the jet of water makes the cut it is instructed to male, the material irrelevant.

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