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What is XD Water Jet Cutting?

You might have heard of XD Water Jet Cutting; you might know that it’s meant to have some benefits.

But what is it, which jobs is it suitable for and what are the alternatives?

What is XD Water Jet Cutting?

XD Water Jet Cutting is the latest development within water jet cutting, a cutting technology which was already more versatile than rivals, being able to cut a wider range of materials to a greater depth.

XD Cutting makes cutting complex three-dimensional shapes a straightforward job, without the need for expensive, or complex secondary cutting. It also eliminates the risk of errors in the process; rather than a finished piece being the combination of different cuts and potentially different technologies, the entire transformation is made in a single, fluid process.

What are the benefits of XD, three-dimensional water jet cutting?

There are many obvious benefits; completing the cut in one process saves time and with it money – it truly is a win/win; get the part sooner and for less money.

Water jet cutting in general also maintains the structural integrity of the material being cut. Other cutting technologies such as laser cutting create great heat, and so can cause micro burns, or create structural weaknesses. However, water jet cutting does not have this drawback – the best way to think of it is as accelerated erosion.

A final benefit is that the process is completely controlled by advanced computer software. The cutting head is controlled with incredible precision to make the cut, bringing degrees of accuracy which are sadly impossible when left to the human eye and hand.

Dynamic XD Water Jet Cutting

How does the cutting work?

As with standard water jet cutting, a targeted, high-pressure water jet is directed at the material to be cut, this jet reaching up to 94,000 PSI. However, the XD Water Jet cutting head can turn through 60 degrees both sideways and front and back.

High precision, tight corner geometry is possible as the cutting head and software automatically account for any water jet stream imperfections. The operator chooses the material from the software’s comprehensive database and the technology does the rest.

What can be cut?

Water Jet Cutting is famously versatile, able to cut plastics, metals, glass (all to a greater depth than laser) and many more material besides, such as ceramics, stone, concrete and rubber.

And this is true of XD, 3d cutting too.

Have a look at the video on this page of XD Water Jet Cutting, using Flow’s exclusive technology.

Where can I go for Water Jet Cutting? 

In the UK, TMC were the first sub contractor in the UK to introduce Flow’s outstanding, patented XD cutting.

We are proud of our expertise in working with this superb technology and would welcome the chance to discuss your bespoke job. A family-run business, we serve the whole of the UK and have a typical turn around time of three to four days. We are as happy working on parts for Formula 1 and Rolls Royce as we are for small businesses.

If you unsure whether your job is more suited to water jet cutting or another technology, we have a comparison with laser cutting on the site here.