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Which Cutting Technology Offers Best Value For Money

If you have a part that needs cutting there are likely to be two main considerations – who can cut the part to the required spec and then which cutter, and type of cutting technology offers the best value for money?

To find a suitable cutter it is necessary to reverse the questions and start by looking at which technology is suitable. Once that’s been decided it will be far easier to find a company to undertake the job.

We believe that the right technology is almost always water jet cutting. You might expect us to say that, we are water jet cutters after all, but we can justify this stance. You are of course welcome to speak to those advocating other technologies to see how they would counter our arguments.

Water jet cutting has certain undisputed advantages.

A water jet can cut through 10 times the depth of a laser, that’s up to 25 centimetres of virtually any material, rather than the 2.5 a laser can manage.thinking about water jet cutting

A water jet also cuts without creating any heat along the cut edge, this ensures there is no damage to the edge, no microabrasions or impacting on the structural integrity. If you’ve read other blogs on this site you’ll know that we like to describe water jet cutting as accelerated erosion – highly accelerated that is.

A water jet can also cut through multiple axes, or they can if the cutters have XD Water Jet Cutting Technology – this is the head that can move in any direction. What’s the benefit of this technology? It enables even the most complex of cuts to be undertaken in one fluid motion, removing the need for secondary cutting.

This reduces time, the risk of any errors creeping in, bringing us to the other main consideration, cost.

If it’s all about the money…

For a really simple job, cutting a two dimensional shape in thin plastic or metal, there might be little in it between a water jet cutter and laser. We would recommend getting quotes from both and comparing – both should easily be able to handle the job, for both it should be a relatively quick job meaning your deadline should be achievable.

For any other job, the dial is going to move in favour of water jet cutting. It might be that it is the only technology able to easily do the job, it might be that it is a job where guaranteed structural integrity is essential and so you are keen to avoid heat being applied to the edge.

The fact that water jet cutting can work through complex shapes in one motion also means that job time can be reduced.

Clearly we think water jet cutting is the bees knees. We believe it is the future of cutting technology – certainly that seems to be the view in other areas of the globe as they up the usage of water jet cutting and in the process increase their competitive advantage.

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