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Who Uses Water Jet Cutting?

Water Jet cutting has a growing reputation as the leading cutting technology.

It is fast, accurate and environmentally friendly.

However, who exactly uses water jet cutting? Who benefits from this technology?

At TMC WaterJet, we are leading UK water jet cutters and were the first to introduce complex three-dimensional, XD cutting. That means we have a wide client base and so are in a pretty good position to run through some of the common users of water jet cutting services.



Perhaps the most obvious users of water jet cutting are those in industry who need parts cutting – this could be in virtually any material and to a depth of 25 centimetres (or more in some materials).

Water jet cutting is used to cut metals, plastics, glass and more and for a huge range of industries – gas, oil, aviation, rail being just a few of them.

As water jet cutting doesn’t heat the cut edge, there is no danger of structural imperfections being introduced.
Although many UK industries now use water jet cutting, it is in south east Asia where usage is really expanding, helping economies in that region to dominate global trade.



Those looking to create often use water jet cutting.

You might not think of artists or sculptors when you think of water jet cutting, yet increasingly many are turning to this technology.

At TMC we have worked on projects with both the V&A and Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery. Water jet cutting enables complex designs to be cut in one fluid motion, saving both time and expense – indeed, Anya Gallacio’s Ghost Tree would not have been possible but for water jet cutting – that’s not our opinion, it was the artist’s.



Any business values having production that is both more efficient and more economical. Water jet cutting allows innovators to achieve this.

One example if food production, where water jet cutting has been introduced into many processes. It can cut food with a cutting process that is sterile and doesn’t require cleaning – it is a jet of water after all.

Innovators can also be in any industry where there is a competitive edge, where the difference between success and failure is tiny. Water jet cutting is used by many formula one teams, it can cut and create parts that have the highest level of detail and accuracy and retain full structural integrity under high pressure and stresses.


Businesses big and small

Any water jet cutter worth their salt works with clients of all sizes. At TMC, we work with huge industries but have also worked on some small, fascinating projects.

We helped cut new keys for vicar for the local church – these weren’t the type of key you can get cut quickly at by a standard key cutter. We have also worked with model railway enthusiasts, making small parts of great detail (and getting to embrace our inner child).


Who doesn’t use water jet cutting?

At the risk of sounding glib, this might be a more appropriate question. Water jet cutting is capable of undertaking virtually any cutting job and, thanks to 3-d cutting, it can do so more accurately, cost-effectively and all in an environmentally friendly way too.

Who uses water jet cutting – anyone who wants a part cutting, big or small, whatever the material.


About leading UK water jet cutters TMC

Can water jet cutting handle your job?

Without wishing to sound arrogant, almost certainly! Water jets can cut through almost any material and that to a depth 10 times greater than a laser can manage. Advanced water jets can also cut complex 3-d parts in one fluid motion.

If you would like to discuss any jobs you might have, please do get in touch with us at TMC Waterjet, we love discussing all things water jet! You can mail info@tmcwaterjet.co.uk or call us on 01625 610 441