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Why Should I Choose Water Jet Cutting?

As leading UK water jet cutters, one question we are often asked by potential customers is why they should choose water jet cutting? What makes it a better choice than other technologies?

Often, they have laser in mind – that sounds more powerful and lasers are known to be accurate – would a laser cut not be more accurate and powerful than water blasted at a material?

We obviously passionately believe in the benefits of water jet cutting – for most jobs we believe it is the best choice.

However, we also believe it is often worth speaking to those who work with other technologies to seek a quote to see how water jet cutting compares.

Benefits of Water Jet Cutting

Cutting accuracy is unsurpassed

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There is a common misconception that water jet cutting cannot match the pinpoint accuracy of laser, this is understandable given you picture laser as a thin beam and a water jet perhaps as something more akin to a pressure washer.

The reality is very different – water jet cutters use a cutting nozzle so thin that the accuracy on any cut matches that of laser; the addition of an abrasive garnet to the water making it an unstoppable cutting force.

However, water jet cutting goes beyond just being as accurate, it is also a cut that causes no damage. Other cutting methods heat the edge or use force and so there is a danger of micro-abrasions or even damage to the structural integrity.

With water jet cutting this is not the case, the cut instead created through what can be termed accelerated erosion.

Incredible depth of cut

Water jets can cut to a deeper depth than other technologies and so can create cuts that simply wouldn’t be possible through other methods.

By all means, do check out this claim – if you ask a laser cutter if they can cut through 10 inches of metal they will shake their head apologetically.

A water jet can cut through 10 inches of almost any substance – and significantly greater depth in some materials. There are a couple of exceptions – diamonds and tempered glass for instance – but 99% of the time water jets can cut to the depth required.

The mixture of this cutting power and accuracy are the reasons water jet cutting has seen such widespread adoption in recent years.

Versatility of Use

As busy water jet cutters, our machines are often in use cutting parts for a wide range of industries. Cutting metals, plastics and other dense substances is common.

However, all water jet cutters also delight in getting those jobs a little out of the ordinary.

Water jet cutting is used to create art such as many notable sculptures. Water jet cutting helps out small businesses and hobbyists – we have worked with a model railway enthusiast, Star Wars fan (to make replica helmets) and even a local vicar who needed new keys to the parish church.

The machines are agnostic as to their use – they simply cut whatever the software demands they cut. Those running the machine enjoy a range of challenges.

This also demonstrates the affordable nature of water jet cutting – it is a technology that can be used for small one-off jobs but also huge orders for industry.

Other uses include cutting food and portioning for the food industry and working with electronics manufacturers to create circuit boards.

Cost Effective

It is of course easy to claim any service is cost effective, the real proof lies in the quotes and quality of job then delivered.

As an industry, water jet cutting has grown rapidly in popularity, especially in areas such as South East Asia where huge economic growth has been possible with costs kept to a minimum.

There is a reason that major industries have switched to using water jet cutting – it has the level of accuracy required, but also delivers at a cost that helps to maintain margins.

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Despite our success, we remain a company that focusses on every client and work on projects of all sizes.

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