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Why Use Waterjet Cutting?

Water jet cutting has emerged in recent decades to rival other established means of cutting parts.

During this time, water jet cutting’s share has grown rapidly, becoming the technology of choice for jobs that might previously have been carried out by a laser cutter or mechanically via a lathe, grinder or punch.

This begs a question though – why do people use water jet cutting and what has persuaded many to ditch other methods in water jet’s favour?

Water Jet Cutting Advantages


Depth of cut:

One huge advantage of water jet cutting is the depth of cut that is attainable.

A professional water jet cutter will have machines with a water pressure of up to 87,000 PSI, all pushed through a narrow cutting head and mixed with an inert cutting garnet.

This stream can cut through at least 25cm of virtually any material, this 10 times the depth a laser can cut through.

To many it seems counter-intuitive, how can a water jet be that powerful? We like to describe water jet cutting as accelerated erosion – while the sea has the power to cut away at cliff faces, water jets can do the same to metal, plastics and more, just far more quickly.


Environmentally neutral

Water jet cutting does not damage the environment.

The cut simply involves water and the inert garnet which can be easily disposed of, there are no harmful bi-products. The efficiency of the cut also means there is very little of the cut product to be disposed of.

With companies wanting to choose green options, water jet cutting gives them an advantage. Morally, they have the knowledge they are using the most environmentally friendly method and this can be good for business too.


Water Jet Cutting – Suitable For Any Job



As with other cutting technologies, water jet cutters spend much of their time cutting parts for industry.

Water jet cutting is used by huge industries where accuracy and structural integrity is essential, industries such as nuclear, aviation and automotive. Other uses are less obvious.

Artists and sculptors regularly use water jut cutting, many modern works have been created using our technology, we were proud to work with Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery to turn Anya Gallaccio’s Ghost Tree vision into stunning reality.

Water jet cutting is also used in the food industry, by formula one teams, by enthusiasts l­ooking to recreate the perfect model railway part and even, once, by a parish vicar who needed new keys cutting – keys for the church that is.

For customers, water jet cutting is an efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly option while your friendly local water jet cutter loves the variety that those out-the-ordinary jobs provide.



All modern cutting technologies are accurate and can cut with great detail. Where water jet cutting has an advantage is in being able to cut accurately and also ensure no damage to the cut part.

With no heat created, there is no damage to the cut edge and no impact on the structural integrity of the cut part.

Accuracy also relates to the size of the cutting head, at TMC Water Jet we have machines that have a tolerance of 0.2mm, this putting us among the leading UK water jet cutters.

We are also among the water jet cutters to have XD Cutting facilities; this is a cutting head that can tilt through multiple axis and so cut complex three dimensional parts in one cut, rather than relying on re-cutting. This saves on time and expense and also ensures a more accurate final part.


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