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Water Jet Cutter Nottingham

nottingham water jet cutter

Looking for an intricate, perfect water jet cutter in Nottingham? Look no further. TMC are a leading water jet cutter and can answer all of your cutting needs.

We are specialists in both abrasive and non-abrasive cutting and our industry-leading computer controlled cutters can carve through foam, plastics, metals, carbon fibre, ceramics and even armour plate. Whatever your Nottingham business needs a water jet cutter for, we’ve got the tools!

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How does water jet cutting work?

Cold water is mixed with garnet – a type of mineral – and forced through our computer-controlled jets at a pressure of 87,000 psi.

The cool jet cuts through any material – with the advantage of keeping cool. There is no flame or laser to deform the material

The water jet moves at Mach 4 – there is no quicker way to cut.

The computer program delivers the same cut, every time.

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‘No water jet cutting job in Nottingham too big or too small for TMC’

We can cut the most intricate shapes in both 2D and 3D, all from our 10,000 square feet base in Macclesfield where we serve the entire of the UK and beyond.

Water jet cutter Nottingham – unmatched quality

Simply put, you will not find better water jet cutting service, technology or expertise in Nottingham, or indeed anywhere in the UK.

We believe in continually re-investing in the very latest technology which is exactly why we are the UK’s leaders in water cutting.

For example, the cutting edge in our cutters can tilt 60 degrees, meaning that complex jobs which previously required secondary cutting can now be undertaken on one process. This saves both time and expense.

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We have the same approach to very job, from the smallest order to our recent job working with a leading Formula 1 team.

As well as motorsport we work with customers in the aerospace, automotive, interior design, fashion design, defence, architectural and engineering industries.

You can read more about some of our varied work, from hospital doors to lingerie shop signs, in our news section here. You can rest assured that our water jet cutter service can fulfil your order and have it back to you in Nottingham within days.

We care passionately about what we do and we can help you get the finish you require.

Our 24-hour production facilities mean that the water jet cutting order for your Nottingham company will be on time, and on spec.

So don’t delay, call us today. Speak to one of the team now on 01625 610 441 or email info@tmcwaterjet.co.uk.