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Water Jet Cutters London

water jet cutting in london

Water Jet Cutters London – are you looking for a superior quality, precision cutting service in London?

The UK’s leading water jet cutting company, Tech-Mat Converters (TMC) is a family run business with a modern 10,000 square foot facility in the north west that provides a first-rate cutting service that can be delivered fast across the UK.

TMC are specialists in abrasive and non-abrasive cutting of resistant materials and superior quality 2D & 3D parts production using both Dynamic and Dynamic XD water jet cutting technology.

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Using a computer controlled machine, water jet cutting can cut through any sheet or plate material. At TMC we invest in our machines to ensure you an unrivalled and premium quality product.

Water Jet Cutters London – unmatched quality

Put simply, water jet cutting is a faster, more efficient way of cutting that means lower cost without compromising on quality.

With 20 years’ experience and ISO 9001 approved you can be confident we have the expertise to give the results you need.

From historic bridges and flying cars to Formula 1 car parts (yes really!) and porcelain floor tiles, TMC continue to lead and innovate in the world of water jet cutting.

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Creative, inspired and with an excellent eye for detail , we think our technicians and professional and friendly team will exceed your expectations. So why not give them a call today on 01625 610 441 and find out what they can do for you?

Whether you’re after a single part or embarking on a large-scale multiple part process, we are excited to work with you. We work with customers big and small from the fields of aerospace, defence, architecture, engineering, interior and even fashion design.

We offer the fastest turnaround in the industry – once drawings are complete we can cut within four days and even offer overnight shipping. We will work 24 hours a day to meet your demands.

With Dynamic and XD capability, coupled with 87,000 psi capable of cutting through 250mm of virtually any material, our technology can outperform any conventional fixed head water jet machine.

Water jet cutting provides a range of benefits and options including: super accurate cutting; 2D and 3D parts; angled components with angles up to 60° and complex shapes.

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