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Water Jet Cutting Belfast

belfast water jet cutters

Are you a business in Belfast in need of top quality water jet cutting?  TMC can provide you with fast, safe and economical water cutting for your project.

We have worked with customers of all sizes, from the defence and aerospace industries to construction firms and even a Formula 1 team to design and cut high quality parts.

TMC is the first subcontractor in the UK that offers both state of the art Dynamic and Dynamic XD cutting technology, allowing us to provide 2D and 3D water jet cutting to Belfast companies.

 The leading UK company in water cutting technology, our equipment can cut through virtually anything from carbon fibre to stainless steel, offering both abrasive and non-abrasive cutting of resistant materials.

 Using the latest technology TMC are able to turn around water jet cutting projects for Belfast within three or four working days, providing exceptional quality for lower production costs.

 Our ISO 9001-approved expert team, based in Macclesfield, can fulfil your water jet cutting requirements and ship back to Belfast overnight, whatever your needs.

 So call TMC now on 01625 610441 or email info@tmcwaterjet.co.uk.

 The super-accurate water jet cutting process employs 87,000 psi water jet at four times the speed of sound, but generates no heat, meaning high precision results every time.

 With our computer-controlled process, we offer flawless quality on both 2D and 3D cutting jobs for even the most complex components.  Traditionally, this kind of work would have required expensive secondary machining, but TMC can provide finished parts through our Dynamic and Dynamic XD technology to save you time and money.

 Click here to learn more about water jet cutting and to see if your company in Belfast could benefit from it.

Waterjet Cutting Belfast – Key Information

 Our water jet cutting machine will cut through 250mm of virtually any material, including: 

  • Acrylic
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Plastics
  • Steel
  • Titanium

 and can cut to a tolerance of 0.2mm, allowing TMC to provide water jet cutting services for Belfast to any firm – from lingerie shops to Rolls Royce.

 TMC’s water cutter has been used to provide accurate, fast, economical and safe work on a number of major projects – including parts for Formula 1 cars and bridge repair components.

 TMC’s services are a cut above the rest, so let us fulfil your water jet cutter needs in Belfast.

Call us on 01625 610 441 or email info@tmcwaterjet.co.uk