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Water Jet Cutting Midlands

In need of water jet cutting in the Midlands?

TMC are the leading UK supplier of water jet cutting, with unmatched facilities including the ability to take on the most complex of jobs thanks to our 3-d cutting.

But we are also a business that will work with any size of client, from small one-off jobs for small businesses right through to projects for Formula 1 teams and Rolls Royce.

There are a wealth of reasons to choose water jet cutting and also to allow Tech-Mat Converters (TMC) to manage your Midlands project.

Below we have included links to key information, both for those new to water jet cutting and also if you have used this incredible process before.

But we would also love to answer any queries you might have, please call us on 01625 610 441 or visit this page.

Key information about water jet cutting in the Midlands.


In the links above there is a wealth of information both about water jet cutting in general and also TMC.

But, having searched for water jet cutting Midlands, why should you entrust TMC with your business?

Enjoy perfection of cut on every job – with our cutting heads delivering to a pressure of up to 87,000 PSI we can cut through virtually any material with incredible, computer-controlled precision. The best way to describe the process is accelerated corrosion, the effect is a perfect cut.

Cutting that retains the material’s integrity – Other forms of cutting typically cuase some damage to the material, potentially compromising its integrity. Cutting can also cause stresses, microfissures and structural changes. This isn’t the case with water jet cutting as this is a cold process – this is water jet cutting is the fastest growing precision profile production method in Midlands and beyond.

We will work on any size of job– We offer world class cutting from our 10,000 square foot facility. And we work on any size of project and give the same level of service – whether it;’s a one off small job or repeat business for Formula 1 or Rolls Royce you can be sure that your drawings will be turned into reality. Placing an order with us is also straightforward.

Quick turnaround – Once the cutting heads have been set from the drawings, the turnaround is typically just three or four days. And we also provide overnight shipping, so whatever the job you can expect to see the end product promptly and of course for it to be cut to the highest achievable quality.

3-d cutting – As the first UK subcontractor to offer 3-d cutting through XD cutting we can now take on even the most complex of jobs. The cutting edge can tilt through 60 degrees meaning that complex jobs which previously required secondary cutting can now be undertaken on one process. This saves both time and expense.

Cut anything – To find out whether we can cut the material you are using please contact us, however water jet cutting is suitable for most jobs. Some of the material we have cut recently include acrylic, aluminium, brass, bronze, carbon fibre, ceramics, composites, copper, plastics, steel, stainless steel and titanium.

If you are considering water jet cutting for your Midlands project please take the time to have a look round this site both to see if the process and TMC are for you.

We pride ourselves on being a company which is small enough to care about its clients yet also big enough to always deliver – indeed we believe our quality goes beyond that of any other UK water jet cutter thanks to our commitment to investing in technology.

Get in touch today by calling 01625 610 441 or visiting this page so we can discuss your individual needs.