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Water Jet Cutting South Wales

Looking for Water Jet Cutting in south Wales?

TMC are a leading UK provider of waterjet cutting, and are true innovators as the first UK subcontractor to offer 3-d cutting through XD cutting.

Small enough to care, big enough to always deliver, Tech-Mat Converters (TMC) can take on any waterjet cutting project in south Wales – we have worked with small companies on one-off jobs, equally we have worked with a Formula 1 team.

Below, we have provided links to key information, including what water jet cutting is, the range of products we can cut (pretty much anything!) and information on TMC.

And we would also love you to get in touch so we can answer any queries or just chat through your potential job.

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Key information about Waterjet cutting in south Wales

In the links above, there is a lot of information both about TMC and water jet cutting in general. But why choose water jet cutting for your south Wales job and why choose TMC?

A perfect cut every time – water jet cutting can cut through almost any material to a depth of 250mm. The best way to describe the process is accelerated erosion, yet with perfect accuracy as the cutting head, capable of delivering to a pressure of 87,000 PSI is computer controlled to perfectly replicate any design.

Damage free cutting – with other cutting methods, the integrity of the material being cut can be affected, or the cutting can create stress, microfissures and structural changes. However, water jet cutting is a cold cutting process, so these concerns are not an issue. For this reason, water jet cutting is the fastest growing precision profile production method.

Any size of job undertaken – At TMC we have world class facilities in our 10,000 square foot facility. We are able to work on projects of any size, from small, one-off jobs to business for the likes of Rolls Royce and a Formula 1 team. And placing an order is as simple as providing us with the drawings in a suitable format.

Quick turnarond – Jobs are typically turned round in three to four days, while we also offer an overnight shipping service – that’s why we are the leading UK water jet cutter for jobs in south Wales or anywhere else.

3-d cutting – we now have the ability to take on the most complex of 3-d cutting jobs thanks to a tilting head which can cut full parts. Previously these jobs would have required secondary cutting, adding to the cost and time spent on the job.

Cut anything – well, almost anything. To find out whether we can cut the material you are using please contact us, however water jet cutting is suitable for most jobs. Some of the material we have cut recently include acrylic, aluminium, brass, bronze, carbon fibre, ceramics, composites, copper, plastics, steel, stainless steel and titanium

We realise there’s a lot of information to take in, However, as you have taken time to search for water jet cutting south Wales, please take the time to have a look round the site and then get in touch with the UK’s leading provider.

We would love to answer any queries – please get in touch online or by calling 01625 610 441.